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January 2022 

First of all I must say thank you to you for your wonderful emails keeping us entertained and amused over the weeks, they've been fab! Also just opened up Snowdrift and she is beautiful, but one of the things I wanted to comment on and say a big thank you to Stace, who as always has packed bears wonderfully and with so much care and attention. I don't know any other company that takes that much care! Love to you all, you're all brilliant and one of my goals this year is to come and visit you in the shop!

Allyson - Staffordshire ( Charlie Bears Snowdrift

December 2021 

Albie has arrived in time for Christmas. Very snug in his box. What a soft chubby little chap he is. Gorgeous. This is absolutely, definitely going to be my very last bear.... atleast for 2021!!

Janet - Bath ( Charlie Bears Albie

December 2021 

Firstly, thank you for the safe arrival of River, I didn't expect him this side of Christmas. He's amazing - packed and delivered to your usual excellent standard. I would like to thank you for your amazing service every time I purchase from you. As it has been said by all who message you, you are an exceptional company.

Stuart - Nottingham ( Charlie Bears River

December 2021 

Thank you once again for your superb service, Kodiak arrived safely yesterday, beautifully packaged (thank you Stace)..... Kodiak is just the most adorable little Bear, I'm completely in love with him.

Rachel - Essex ( Charlie Bears Kodiak

December 2021 

The two bears arrived last week and are gorgeous! You pack everything with such care! Thank you so much.

Marion - Ireland ( Isabelle Collection Bedsocks & Urchin

December 2021 

Kermode arrived safe and sound today snuggled under his duvet! Thank you so much, he is so gorgeous, well worth the wait, I am so pleased with him.

Barbara - London ( Charlie Bears Kermode

November 2021 

My bears were hoping Puddy Cat might arrive early but were amazed when she arrived at 8am in time for breakfast - a journey of less than 24 hrs. Thank you for giving her a comfortable travelling box"

Rachel - Isle of Wight ( Charlie Bears Puddy Cat

November 2021 

Snickerdoodle has arrived safe and sound. This bear definitely chose me (usually it's my children and grandchildren the bears choose). The power of a Facebook photo! Thanks to you all x"

Stuart - Nottingham ( Charlie Bears Snickerdoodle

November 2021 

Piran arrived safe and sound yesterday, beautifully packaged as always, thank you. He's smashing.

Madge - Truro ( Charlie Bears Piran

November 2021 

Bears arrived today. So gorgeous! And beautifully packaged - looked like they were cuddling each other! A perfect first Christmas present for two lucky babies! Thank you for all your help.

Liz - Surrey ( Steiff Honey & Steiff Jimmy

November 2021 

I haven't ordered anything for a while - that was until I saw 'Lord of the Artic' featured in one of your recent newsletters. Like I always do I pondered for a few days and then thought yes, I must have him so duly ordered. He arrived yesterday all cosy in his specially prepared bed - thank you so much Stace. What a gorgeous, gorgeous bear. I must admit he cheered me up no end, as I have been quite poorly with a virus. So the two of us have been cuddled up watching the television. Thank you as always to each and every one of you - your exceptional service is off the scale.

Sue - Hampshire ( Charlie Bears Lord of the Arctic

November 2021 

Brulee arrived safe and sound yesterday, have waited along time for her, she is absolutely lovely, better in the fur than I had expected. She was well protected, and she is now awaiting shelf space, need more shelves to be put up as I keep buying more and more Charlie bears. Am waiting for my minty bunny to be ready, I expect she will as lovely as Brulee. Thank you all for your hard work and for making me so happy with my bunnies. I hope to hear from you all soon with more news when you have time.

Amanda - Hertfordshire ( Charlie Bears Brulee

November 2021 

Thank you for sending me Mischief Maker - the wait has been long, but well worth it. She is a lovely little Lynx cub and looks stunning sitting next to Loki and yet you can tell, not just by the difference in size, but her face is definitely that of an innocent baby that she is a young cub. I think Charlie Bears has got the Lynx exactly right even better than their lions or tigers of which I have a few. She also has a real kitten like face! I am always amazed at the quality of the designs of all the bears that CB create and feel they are far superior to other brands - even Steiff. Once again the packaging was superb and the box arrived intact which these days in not always the case. So thank you for that.

Christine - Preston ( Charlie Bears Mischief Maker

November 2021 

We every year, apart from through pandemic, come to Dorset and whilst in our very happy place we do always come to Swanage. And whilst there it would not be complete without a trip to CORFE BEARS shop. Love this shop and as an arctophile (Teddy bear enthusiast), it's like heaven to me and I'm a big kid. The shop is joy to step into and the owner/staff are most generous, kind and sweet and helpful beyond words... I cannot rate highly enough. Thank you as always for such implicitly excellent service - HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Angela - Stockton ( Regular visitor to our shop ) 

October 2021 

Just to say a huge thank you again for your amazingly great service. Little Wing arrived home having travelled hundreds of miles in 2 days and made a very unwell young lady very very happy. Took no time at all for him to settle in with lots of new friends! As always he was wrapped in love and care, with absolutely no ill effects from his long journey. Thank you all again for the great job you all do.

Evelyn - Fife ( Charlie Bears Little Wing

October 2021 

Thank you soooooo much for the quick arrival of Impish. He's soooooo adorable, an absolute cutie, love love love.

Lucie - Norfolk ( Charlie Bears Impish

October 2021 

Just received Kermode in the post and he's lovely. Thank you so much for posting him so quickly for me. I really appreciated it, brilliant service.

Linda - Hemel Hempstead ( Charlie Bears Kermode

October 2021 

Thank you for Linton who is one amazing bear. He arrived as safe as ever, well packaged as always. Thanks to Leanne for the photos and correspondence much appreciated.

Stuart - Nottingham ( Charlie Bears Linton

October 2021 

I've only been collecting Charlie Bears for approx 8 months, and Charlie Bears Dean is my first from yourselves, but definitely not my last. I only ordered him on Friday and he's just been delivered (Saturday). I am absolutely delighted with him. The lady I spoke to was so helpful and he was packaged beautifully. So I will be buying from you and only yourselves. The bears are absolutely stunning. I am already badgering my daughters to bring me to your shop as and when it is safe to do so. Thank you for your exceptional politeness and service.

Deborah - Exeter ( Charlie Bears Dean

October 2021 

Just wanted to thank you for sorting out 'Lavender' for me. My wife is over the moon with her and has put her pride of place on her bear shelves. Also wanted to thank you for the lovely card you included, it was a lovely addition that made it all the more special. Hope we will be down to see you again soon.

Clive, who visited our shop whilst on holiday ( Charlie Bears, Isabelle Collection Lavender

September 2021 

Thank you for the lovely Magda, she is a stunning little panda lady. She has taken Snickerdoodle's heart Xx.

Magda is just beautiful, I think of her more as a bear than a panda, because when you look at this stunning little beautiful panda, she looks more like a bear than a panda, I just forget she is a panda! I love her colour, her colour reminds me of coffee more of a latte colour/ coffee cream colour , her little flower emblem on her beautiful little bow is just stunning , her sweet little ears are really soft and I love the little strands of fur on her paws and legs and I love the detail of Magda including the famous tickly toes!

Thank you Leanne for the fantastic service I have received from you. Yourself, Hayley and Stacey are a credit to Corfe Bears, words are never enough for me to express how I feel about the service I receive from Corfe Bears, you are all sensational and brilliant XX

Snickerdoodle and Magda look a stunning panda couple. Such a lovely panda paring!

I look forward to welcoming Brulee the Rabbit and Snowdrift hopefully later this year

Chris - Redditch ( Charlie Bears Magda

September 2021 

Thank you for sending Charlie Bears Eugene so promptly and safely tucked up in his "travel bed". I loved him from the moment his tickly toes peeped out from his covers! He is the cutest baby bear cub with the most adorable expression and very cuddly too. I love all the Charlie Bears you have sent me from Ursula Minor to little Miss Marple and all the bears in-between! Thank you for a lovely service.

Tracey - Colchester ( Charlie Bears Eugene

August 2021 

Just wanted to thank you for our lovely brindle staffie teddy that arrived safe and well, she is gorgeous. She is hidden away in a cupboard until my daughter goes to uni next month. My daughter is finding it hard that she will be leaving her best friend Piper a brindle staffie x mastiff so this will be her present from Piper, it's her double! Her puppy collar fits perfectly around teddies neck. I think we will have a few tears.

Karen - Didcot ( Faithful Friends Staffordshire Bull Terrier Brindle

August 2021 

Thank you very much for the safe arrival of Snickerdoodle, he arrived yesterday. What can I say about this panda, he is as beautiful as I could have ever imagined. He is just scrumptious and lovely and so soft to cuddle with. Snickerdoodle is settling in nicely. My favourite feature of him is his marbled effect fur and his cute little ears. He is just lovely. Thank you for the service I always receive from Corfe Bears, the service is always Platinum Diamond Standard. I cannot thank you enough. No amount of words can express how I feel about you all and the service.

Chris - Redditch ( Charlie Bears Snickerdoodle

August 2021 

Just to let you know Lotus arrived safe and sound. Stunning panda. So glad I decided to purchase him. Exceptional service as ever

Stuart - Nottingham ( Charlie Bears Lotus

August 2021 

Bobby Elly and Toadstool arrived today. Super fast delivery. Thank you very much. The best and quickest service I've ever received

Georgina - Dorset ( Various Jellycat

July 2021 

Oskar was delivered today and is getting to know Shenanigans who is holding his paw to settle him in. I bought Oskar as another customer had said he was greener than she expected and green is my favourite colour. He is very handsome with such a lovely face (and big feet!), and so soft. Thank you, he arrived well cocooned in soft air cushion wrap - nearly didn't find him as the wrap is green too!

Wendy - Dorset (Charlie Bears Oskar

July 2021 

Thank you for sending out my Charlie Bear 2021 so quickly. As usual, beautifully packaged and I am so pleased that I pre-ordered the bear as it is stunning. Keep up the good work. I look forward to receiving my other pre-orders during the year

Sarah - Poole (Charlie Bears Charlie Year Bear 2021

June 2021 

I just wanted to say 'Thank You' for Toad. You must be the perfect Packers. He was beautifully snuggled up in his Box.

Liz - Reading ( Isabelle Toad

June 2021 

Thank you for the last 3 bears you sent us. My wife loves Peppermint and will put him with all her other bears in pride of place. The other two, Pertwee and Gummidge, my Mum says 'thank you' for them - she loves them

Michael - Portsmouth ( Various Charlie Bears

June 2021 

Just another big thank you for the very quick delivery of BearHugs and Globetrotter. You are just so amazing having been away on a very short holiday/break I only ordered these lovely bears on Sat and they are here already.

Jan & Don - Bexhill ( Various Charlie Bears

June 2021 

I just had "Big Ted" arrive today, thank you; a wonderful buying experience as always. xx What a gorgeous bear. Lovely and traditional and makes me think of chocolate and marshmallows. Perfect!

Victoria - Norfolk (Charlie Bears Big Ted

June 2021 

Misty arrived safe and sound today and I just love her. Once again I cannot thank you enough for such quick delivery. Over years I have had the best customer service from Hayley and staff. Thanks again.

Helen - Perthshire (Charlie Bears Misty

June 2021 

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Charlie Bears 2021 Collection Now Launched!!

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Corfe Bears are very honoured to have been chosen by Charlie Bears to be one of a handful of stockists that have been given the very special status of being one of their Paw Stores.

As a Paw Store we commit to provide the biggest variety of Charlie Bears possible and whenever a new collection is launched we will always stock the full range.

In addition we will have some of the bears from the Secret Collection along with other Charlie Bears exclusives.

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One of the following bears will be chosen by us for you:-





This could be the perfect bear to give someone for re-assurance, or to send to someone who can’t be with you now - he will give them a little hug from you!!


Just ‘Click’ on the images to order or simply take a further look.

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Online Sales Continue & This Is Encouraged!!

We have closed our shop for the foreseeable future, to comply with the governments request for social distancing, to enable everyone to be as safe as possible during the Coronavirus outbreak.

However, we are still sending bears out, as Stace packs and sends the bears from our Bearhouse, where he works alone, with all of the bears and animals for company….. so he is safe there and is safe to come home to Jade and I, who are working from home.

We can be contacted on our normal telephone number and email address. Please see below screenshot, of a document published by the government and providing guidance for trading following the announcement on the 23rd March.

This confirms that Online Sales will continue and are encouraged!

We will keep you advised of any changes but at present we are able to process web orders within our normal timescales.

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Current Position With Posting Of Orders

Royal Mail have informed us that all of the standard services we use are currently running as normal. Recent feedback indicates that generally speaking items are arriving within the normal timescales, although we shouldn’t be surprised if occasionally there is the odd slight delay.

We continue to post every week day….

Any order placed over the weekend will be sent on Monday

Any order placed Monday to Friday before 3.45pm - SENT SAME DAY!

Very, very occasionally an order is too large to post via Royal Mail and we then turn to Parcelforce for assistance. Currently they have changed their system and we now have to provide them with 24hrs notice of any parcels.

Over the coming weeks if anything changes we will keep you informed.

Now, more than ever we really appreciate your custom.


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Newly Reduced & More Bears In Stock!

As a way of saying ‘Thanks for using us!’ we try to have a few Special Offers and we’ve just added the following Charlie & Bearhouse Bears.


**SPECIAL PRICE £20.95 …. £21 OFF!!   (PREVIOUSLY £42)**

Scrambles is from the Charlie Bears Easter Parade Collection (2018)

Will you go quackers over SCRAMBLES, who is a really delightful duckling, with soft creamy beige fur, a beige beak, webbed feet and dark eyes.


**SPECIAL PRICE £11.95 …. £10 OFF!!   (PREVIOUSLY £22)**

Denbigh dog of Charlie Bears Bearhouse bears.

Bearhouse Bears are non-jointed Charlie Bears (and animals!) at great prices. Suitable from 18 months of age and fully machine washable.


**SPECIAL PRICE £24.95 …. £17 OFF!!   (PREVIOUSLY £42)**

Wanda is a wise little owl, made from soft tawny fluffy fur, with some golden accents on his face, which match his back.


**SPECIAL PRICE £14.95 …. £15 OFF!!   (PREVIOUSLY £30)**

Charlie Bears Westminster Goat is from the 2016 Bearhouse collection.


**SPECIAL PRICE £24.95 ……. £25 OFF!! (PREVIOUSLY £50)**

April is from the Charlie Bears Easter Parade Collection (2018)

April the Lamb is made from soft, fluffy white plush fur and she has a black face, inner ears and paws, so her black and white polka dot ribbon is the perfect accessory. Her dark, twinkly eyes have a very endearing look and her little tail will be wagging excitedly, as she skips off to your home.

When you have a minute, please take a look at our ‘Charlie Bears In Stock’ and ‘Minimo Collection In Stock’ as we have just added many bears, some of which are available for the first time.

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Big Big Delivery Today (25th February 2020)

This delivery contains many bears that a lot of you have been waiting patiently for, therefore we do have a lot of pre-orders to process. Please be assured we are doing everything possible to make contact with you and get the bears to their new homes as soon as we can!

The following bears have been added to our ‘In Stock’ sections.


Kay, Charlie Year Bears 2020, Lachlan, Ollibobs, Rea, Willamena, Clock, Pamper & Kerri


Diamond, Flutterby, Fuchsia, Wallflower & Harebell


Sorry all the bears received have been pre-ordered but we still have a great collection of bears available and can be viewed by clicking on the above title.


Little Tyke, Lowry & Adelaide

A Big Thanks for taking a look at our Bears!

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Charlie Bears Nyah….Special Price!!



Along with Nyah we have a few other Charlie Bears also being sold at special prices or with free gifts and these can be viewed in our ‘Charlie Bears’ or ‘Bearhouse’ In Stock Sections.

Nyah is made from really soft thick fur in shades of taupe and ginger brown and this will feel lovely when you run your hands through.

Nyah is more girlie than her sister Kyra, as she wears a pretty organza and satin headband that is fastened into a bow.

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Charlie Bears Ethel….Special Price!!

Available For a limited Time Only!!…

Ethel Is Being Offered At The Special Price Of £49.

£26 Off!! ….. Previously £75

She is one of our favourite pandas from the 2019 collection, as she is made from the curliest fur ever and has a gorgeous new feel, so will appeal to long-standing Charlie Bear fans, who want something different in their collection and new collectors will also love her too…… especially as she has such pretty brown and pink colouring!!

We have a few Goliath left, also at the Special Price of £49.

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Some of the bears in this delivery are all pre-ordered but we do have the following available for adoption!

Just ‘Click’ on the image to order or simply have a read of our full description.



Sold out very quickly last week.

Personally I love the cream freckles on the muzzle.

Some of the 2020 Collection has been inspired by a nostalgic fairground theme and so it wouldn’t be complete without COTTON CANDY or candy floss, which is greatly loved as a sticky sweet treat!



Grandfather Mountain is a mountain with the highest peak on the eastern escarpment of the Blue Ridge Mountains, standing at 5,946ft. Therefore, this is an apt name for this new Charlie Bear grizzly, as he is a brown bear, which are large, impressive bears…… just like this one!

Size: 21½” (55CM)

Numbered Ltd Edition OF 2,000 Worldwide



Limited In Production To 3,000 Worldwide

Fiona is a plumo bear, which means that there are some touches of mohair or alpaca around the eyes, muzzle or ears, while the rest of the fur is plush….. so they are extra special, as they have a touch of luxury!!

Are you called Fiona, or do you know someone with the name? If yes, then this could be the perfect choice.



The owner of Charlie Bears is Charlotte Morris, known as Charlie and her husband is called William. However, if he had been a girl, then he would have been called Willamena, so a bear just had to be made with this name!

Will has had other bears name after him, in the past, which have all been very popular, so Willamena is sure to be in demand as well, so order quickly if you dont want to be disappointed!.



Hawkins is paired with Brimble and together they represent the well know British shaving, beard and skincare company, that was founded in 2016 called…… “Hawkins & Brimble”.  The colours of the bears have been inspired by the colours of their bottles, which are a dark golden brown, with white writing.


ALSO AVAILABLE  ’Click’ On The Name To View

We have Charlie Bears Dave returning into stock.

Also the Bearhouse Bears Patty & Lowry

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Corfe Bears - About Us

Corfe Bears is the Swanage Teddy Bear Shop, situated near to the beach in the Dorset seaside town and filled to bursting with teddy bears, plush animals, baby toys and gifts.

Our Charlie Bears and Steiff Bears collectors come and see us from all over the country throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Surrey and London as well as Poole, Bournemouth and Swanage in Dorset. We look forward to seeing and speaking to you soon!

In stock we have collectable bears and animals from manufacturers including Steiff Bears, Steiff Baby, Charlie Bears & the Isabelle Collection, Kaycee Bears, Jellycat and Kosen Animals plus artist bears including Hardy Bears. We also carry a wide choice of baby safe toys perfect for birth or christening gifts.

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