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June 2021 

I pre ordered Smithers on 6 June not knowing how long I would have to wait. The next day I received an email requesting payment. I couldn't believe it and lo and behold Smithers has arrived just 3 days after I ordered him. He is gorgeous and I am so thrilled. Leanne was so helpful. Thanks Leanne x

Karen - Botley (Charlie Bears Smithers

May 2021 

I have just received Chunky from you and I am thrilled with him. He is the third bear I have purchased from you, and once again very well packed and a very quick delivery. Your customer service is excellent

Denise - Shipton Bellinger (Charlie Bears Chunky

May 2021 

Firstly thank you Leanne for your prompt reply yesterday re delivery of Big Ted. I am thrilled to say that he arrived this morning beautifully packaged as always and excited to be 'released' to meet his new family! Thank you once again for your amazing customer service and brilliant newsletters. We really hope that at some point during the summer we will be able to visit your lovely shop and add to my hug!! In the meantime take care and once again many thanks

Jill - Salisbury (Charlie Bears Big Ted

March 2021 

I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms and then I had an e-mail requesting payment.  I was so happy!! On Thursday two new arrivals "Lydnsey and The Year Bear 2021" were safely delivered by my wonderful post lady.  As always thank you to Stace, they looked so cosy in their bed but I had to wake them up so that they could be introduced to the 'gang'.  Like every other Charlie Bear that I have received these two are just so gorgeous in their own unique way.  I must say though I don't know how you all keep going, you have gone above and beyond over the last few months to make sure that all us avid collectors get our treasured bears and for that you deserve a heartfelt thank you. 

Sue - Romsey (Various Charlie Bears

March 2021 

Thank you so much, you’ve been absolutely amazing with my pre-orders for 2021. The newsletters that kept everyone sane through these tough times and your hard work getting all the deliveries out. You have an amazing family and keep up the impeccable work.

Alison - Kent (Charlie Bears Soda Pop)

March 2021 

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for sending Rascal to me. I ordered him yesterday afternoon and was shocked to receive him this morning. Your service is excellent, I have never received an order so quickly. Rascal is absolutely adorable. Thank you once again.

Sonia - Eastbourne (Charlie Bears Rascal)

March 2021

The beautiful Whitney arrived this morning safe and sound. I think she is stunning. Really quick and efficient service as usual as I ordered her late Monday evening. Thank you so much. Hope you are all well.

Nicola - Leicestershire (Charlie Bears Whitney)

March 2021

I have just received Winniebeargo & WOW what a lovely Bear. I had almost given up hope of him joining my hug. I was just browsing, as usual, on Corfe Bears and again you made my wish come true! Thank you so much for the quick delivery that was packed with such care. Wishing you All safe and well.

Clare - Mid Glamorgan (Charlie Bears Winniebeargo)

March 2021 

Hello I ordered a Little Boy Blue from you on Sunday and he arrived today. The service that I have received from your company will have me using you again. 

Antoinette - Hull (Minimo Little Boy Blue)

March 2021 

Received my order very quickly. Well packaged and lovely Cocker spaniel.

Margaret - Wickhambrook (Faithful Friends Cocker Spaniel)

March 2021 

Just a quick communication to let you know that Charlie Bears Year bear arrived safe and sound this morning. Thank you once again for your usual impeccable service. I look forward to receiving the rest of my pre-orders (especially the much anticipated Mischief Maker). 

Judith - Tyne & Wear (Charlie Bears Year Bear 2021

March 2021 

A big thank you for safe arrival of Smithers. First time I have purchased from you and I am very impressed with your quick and excellent service. Will certainly buy from you again. 

Brenda - Redditch (Charlie Bears Smithers

March 2021

I ordered Little Boy Blue from you on Sunday and he arrived today. The service that I have received from your company will have me using you again.

Antionette - East Yorkshire (Minimo Little Boy Blue

Click here to view more testimonials You can send us your testimonials by filling out our contact/feeback form.


Charlie Bears 2021 Collection Now Launched!!

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Corfe Bears are very honoured to have been chosen by Charlie Bears to be one of a handful of stockists that have been given the very special status of being one of their Paw Stores.

As a Paw Store we commit to provide the biggest variety of Charlie Bears possible and whenever a new collection is launched we will always stock the full range.

In addition we will have some of the bears from the Secret Collection along with other Charlie Bears exclusives.

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Corfe Bears News 5th June 2020



Nicola’s husband, Chris arranged a surprise present for his wife Nicola’s 50th Birthday, which was Tuesday 2nd May….. it was BERWIN…… a BIG bear, for a BIG Birthday!!

As Chris knows, I had planned to say “Happy Birthday” on the day, however, we were dealing with a big delivery that arrived a bit sooner than expected and so didn’t get chance…. sorry!!

Nicola loves Berwin (and her husband), as you will see from her email below:

“Just emailing to say I am so pleased with Berwin, who as you know, my lovely husband bought me for my 50th birthday today. He is gorgeous
(my husbands not bad either!)

Thank you for the birthday card from yourselves…….. very kind of you.

Hope you are well. Loving the newsletters.”

BERWIN is available to pre-order, click HERE

Helen, from Perthshire sent us this AMAZING photo of her daughter Karen’s 50th Birthday cake….. WOW!!!!


The attention to detail is fantastic and Helen tells me that it tasted amazing too, but unfortunately she can’t take the credit for making it!

Helen also said:

“My daughter and I have been Charlie Bear collectors for years. I recently got MOONMIN and TRUCKLES from your good selves and as usual, a very pleasant and rapid service. Thanks again.”

Sandra, from the Isle of Wight received JAZZIE from us about a month ago and she sent us this photo and email:-

“Just to say, thank you for sending Jazzie so promptly. As you can see from the attached picture, she is settling in well and has found some friends already in Caramel and Jump. She’s already got herself into a few scrapes…. aided and abetted by the other two.”

If you love cute little bears like these, then have a look at Dave and Briz, who were featured in our last newsletter….. here is a reminder…..

BOTH £32

Two customers below have received them recently and they are both delighted with them:-
Fiona, from Middlesex says:-
“He arrived today and I’m over the moon! He looks even better in reality, than he does on screen. I’d thought that because you’re very busy he wouldn’t arrive until Saturday, so it was a lovely surprise, and thank you.”
Beverley, from Exeter says:-
“Dave and Briz are our two smallest members of the hug so far. They are sat with Aldwyn and Shenanigans, as I think Dave is a miniature version of Aldwyn!! Briz is very cute, with a lovely face and the fur is very cuddly.”

Beverley also bought GRISWALD, who is almost 1/2 prince now, at only £32.95IN STOCK NOW

She says:-

“Griswald is a super bear, such a beautiful shade of fur - “Palest Auburn” is the only way I can describe it - so different in the fur to on the website. Brilliant choice for lovers of the original teddy bears. Really delighted with him.”

Her last words were….

“Thank you for two super-quick parcels today!! Lovely service and packing, as always. You really should get O.B.E’s for services to bears.”

Well…… what can we say…… AN O.B.E FOR SERVICES TO BEARS…… we can’t get a better recommendation than that and we are more than happy for any of our lovely customers to put us forward for one and a recommendation for this can be sent to us!!! Ha!! Ha!!

On that happy note, I will say bye for now.


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Corfe Bears Newsletter 3rd June 2020


Laura, from Lanarkshire sent us this email a few weeks ago, but this is the first chance I have had to include it….. she has recently received 2 Charlie Bears as surprise presents from her Mum to cheer her up, which were DAN and ROMAN.

“I hope you are all keeping safe and well.
As you know, my lovely Mum surprised me with two bears to cheer me up. She got my fiance to pick them up from her house yesterday. As you can see, when they arrived, Dallinger was quite surprised. He wasn’t sure what to make of the boxes as he’d just come to the living room from his spot in the attic to watch the Eurovision programme. To his delight when I opened them, he was greeted by Dan and Roman! He asked if they liked Eurovision and they said yes! They wondered why he wasn’t having a party and Dallinger explained most of his bear friends preferred heavy metal music. Anyway, Dan and Roman got to work and you can see they got a gathering to have a Eurovision party!! It was such a busy night, Dallinger needed a lie down afterwards!

So I’m delighted to receive both and that they gave Dallinger a fun night…Roman thinks he bears a passing resemblance to Brian May, what do you think?

Anyway I love them both! Thanks again for all your newsletters, I look forward to getting them and reading them when I finish work!”

Michelle, from Kent says:-

“Thank you so much for all the bears that I have ordered off of yourselves at Corfe Bears. During the lockdown, it has kept myself and my Mum in such good spirits. Please keep up the good work.”

Gill, from Livingston has just received Charlie 2020:-

“Wow, what an amazing super fast service. I ordered Friday and arrived Saturday. I am delighted with my beautiful Charlie Year Bear 2020. Its gorgeous little face peeping out of the box really made me smile. I will certainly be back. Thank you so much for an amazing service.”

Gary, from Glasgow sent us this gorgeous picture of his daughter Ruby, with JOANNE and ELEANOR that she received recently. She has added a lovely lace collar to Eleanor, that matches her dress:-
And finally………


He is trying to decide
which hat to wear……..

Which one do you like best???
If you want to have a bit of fun, please go onto our Facebook page, as we have a poll on these and you can vote for your choice. Tell all of your friends to do this as well and we will see which hat is the favourite.

Then, watch this space……. full details of his mission will follow soon……..


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Corfe Bears Newsletter 2nd June 2020


Here is an opportunity to own a Charlie Bear from several years ago, so if there is a bear that you regretted not getting at the time, or if you are a relatively new collector, then the following bears could be of interest to you.

However…. be warned…. we only have 1 or 2 of some, so order quickly as these bears will not be around for long and will probably be your last chance of getting them - we certainly didn’t think that we would be able to offer them to you again, so are glad that we can.

BYGONE BARGAINS - Almost 1/2 price!!
ALL ARE NOW £32.95 - SO HAVE £25 OFF!!
They could make great gifts! (I don’t want to say buy early for xmas haha!!)
TAGGLE - FROM 2018 Was £58 NOW £32.95Taggle has a cuddly coat of really soft fur that is in a patchwork of complemetary colours, including mottled grey, grey, pale blue and pink and cream. They have a two-tone, hand-stitched nose and Taggles face looks slightly wistful, with big panda markings and white felt under the eyes, giving extra expression. The pads are sculpted and stitched and the look is completed with an organza bow, secured with a key.



Was £58 NOW £32.95

Griswald is a large, traditional looking bear with a difference - he has a growler! His plush curly fur is red/brown and he has stitched paws and a hand-stitched nose.

Was £58 NOW £32.95

Margot is a fairly large traditional looking bear, with white plush, curly fur. She has a hand-stitched nose and claws and doesn’t have any visible accessory, as often the simple things in life are the best.
However, she won’t take any nonsense from other bears because she has a growler, so can keep them in order - especially if they try and eat her dinner!

All of the following bears are still at their original RRP!!!!


Tasty Hob Nob teddy bear will stand un-aided and has a soft, cuddly coat of biscuity beige and brown, with a conker brown, hand-stitched nose and matching scarf. He has a cute face and a round tummy - the perfect friend!

We also have 1 CHINWAG
click on his name for details


The Charlie Bears Secret Collection is only available to a few selected stockists, so the bears here are not launched in the general range for the year.

Macaroon is a really eye-catching bear and will stand out in your collection. He has patches of teal and white fur on his arms, legs and ears and the body is white with teal tipping. His dark eyes stand out from his white muzzle and the teal hand-stitched nose also has some light stitching. The paw pads are sculpted and he proudly wears a big white organza bow - so if you want an unusual bear, with lovely colouring, then Macaroon could be the perfect bear for you.

Her fur is really thick and dense and is a mix of winter white and charcoal, which also has a lot of white tipping. She has the typical panda teardrop markings, which show off her soulful eyes, that have white underneath, to give extra expression and she has a big, bold hand-stitched nose and mouth. Her big fluffy feet have sculpted and stitched pads and she is accessorised with a bow, that sits on top of a fluffy bib. The neutral colouring of this soft and cuddly panda will fit into any home or collection.


ONLY £32

Great presents!!!

We only have a handful of AYLA

ONLY 1 of the following:- TATUMAUDREY


The fur on his arms, legs and head is mainly grey, forest green, white and black and this gives a striped effect, which is quite striking. He has soft white fur on his tummy and muzzle, making the dark eyes and hand-stitched nose stand out.
The dark paw pads are sculpted and stitched and he wears a bell collar.

BESSIE is a medium/large bear, with a thick, short-pile coat in pale peach, with some winter white mottling. Her innner ears are winter white and so is the muzzle, which shows off the peach hand-stitched nose and tiny dark eyes. If you look carefully, you will see that she also has a tuft of winter white fur around her neck as well and wears a large bell pendant.

Stuart from Nottingham received DENNY
recently and we have been lucky to get 1 more!
“Wow, 24 and 26 minutes and Denny has arrived. An amazing bear
(face is so sweet) think I may have lost him to my daughter. You are doing a fantastic job in these uncertain times and keeping us all smiling with newsletters etc, will be back soon with you soon.”

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Corfe Bears Newsletter 30th May 2020


We have lots of bears and animals that are due to arrive between now and Christmas, so you can pre-order them now, giving you time to save up for them. I write all of the detailed descriptions for each bear and on this, you will also see the anticipated time of arrival within the year - shown as QUARTER 1, 2, 3 or 4



Kirsteen, from Aberdeen has just received 3 new bears, one of which is LOLLYGAG. She said:-
“Just to let you know that the bears have just arrived. I took Lollygag out, gave him a snuggle, sat him on my bed and he promptly fell over and started snoring! He then decided that he needed to get his photo taken in the sun. It was too hot for him though - not something I would expect to say in Aberdeen in May! Sadly, he didn’t do any weeding for me. I will have to work on this. I hope Shenanigans is behaving and not making a mess in the kitchen - he looks even cuter in his apron and chefs hat.”

I can report that the Corfe Shenanigans is currently on his best behaviour, as he needs to stay in my good books, because he is desperate to do some baking, wearing his new apron and hat…. so watch this space. I need to get my work up straight first and then we can have a baking session!!

Serena, from Nottinghamshire also loves her Lollygag:-

“Lollygag has arrived safely. Wasn’t sure whether or not I would take to him with his claws but OMG you have sent me the most perfect one, his face is amazing Thank you so much”

Lollygag has also travelled to his new home in Germany. Uta says:-

“When I woke up this morning my first thought was, this would be a perfect day for a new bear.  And what happened? At noon I found a parcel at my door, I immediately opened it and there was LOLLYGAG!!! What a marvellous bear, wonderful fur, and these large claws! In no time at all he was digging in my flower pot and made a mess, see for yourself. But I can’t be angry with him, not with this look he gives you. Thank you for wrapping him up so carefully, and sending him here so fast. Thank you again for all the wonderful daily mails! I appreciate that so much.”


We now have 1 RICHARD IN STOCK

Be quick if you would like him!!!


We would like to say a “BIG THANK YOU” to all of the wonderful people who are full or part-time carers. You provide amazing support and help to your relation/friend, etc and they wouldn’t be able to manage without you!

My Dad had MS for 30 years and so my Mum and I know only too well all of the work included, which is very tiring and stressful! My Dad sadly passed away 20 years ago, just before my daughter, Jade was born. Jade is in the picture, with Mum…. spot me in the top corner!!! My Mum was a tower of strength for him and nothing was too much trouble. She nearly always had a smile and hardly ever moaned, but we know that things can get on top of you sometimes and you just need a short break or a hug to be able to carry on. My Dad, like others, would sometimes take his pain and frustration out on my Mum, so sometimes it seemed that she wasn’t being appreciated, which can be hard to take when you are tired, but believe me, my Dad or your relation does appreciate everything you do… so please carry on with your good work….. you are all saints!!

Carrie sent us this email:-

“Thank you for all your wonderful emails. Unfortunately I have no way of sending you photos, but decided to count my bears yesterday… or try to count them. I couldn’t believe it, I have over 200 and that doesn’t include Skyfall or the 4 Muskateers and all my little bears! I am my husbands carer and my bear family helps to keep me sane.”

Bears really do provide comfort for people in a lot of different ways and so this is why we love selling bears and being involved with them, as it is more than “just a sale” to us, as we know they help a lot of people, which is wonderful!!!

So on that note, I will say bye for now…….

Happy Browsing!!


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Corfe Bears Newsletter 29th May 2020

29th MAY…… 


It is a special day for 2 of our lovely customers:-

Linda, from Birmingham is 70 TODAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

We recently featured a story from Linda in one of our newsletters…… Her Mum liked to be known as Bessie or Bess and so Linda bought her the Charlie Bears Bessie for her 100th Birthday. Very sadly, her Mum passed away, at the age of 101 and Linda now has this very special Bessie bear, who sits cuddling her namesake Charlie Bear “Linda.”

Linda has now sent us this update and she says:-

“I am 70 tomorrow the 29th May and so I bought myself Aldwyn as I know my mom would have wanted me to have him from her on my special birthday. He is sitting with the mug I always used at her house for all the numerous cups of tea we had together. Thank you for your lovely emails, so cheerful during such an awful and lonely time. I love all my bears, what a pleasure it is to speak to such a lovely family. Thank you.”

We are glad that Linda has now got another memorable bear and it goes to show that bears can be a comforting reminder of the special people in our lives and can give lots of welcoming cuddles too!
ALDWYN has been going to lots of new homes recently and there are a lot of happy new owners out there. If you would like one of your own, please click on his name.


We would like to say “Happy Birthday” to Katherine from Kildare, Ireland. She received her SHENANIGANS from us on the 20th May, but hasn’t been allowed to have him until her birthday today. So I expect she is having fun with him, as I expect he is full of energy after being cooped up in the box for so long…. it’s a good job he had a comfy bed, thanks to Stace’s great packing skills!!
Katherine said she will send us some photos…. so watch this space….


Jean, from Kirkby Stephen is a “customer” of ours, but we don’t think of her as that…. she is our friend, which is what we consider you all to be. Anyway, she asked if we could send WANDA out to her friend Jools, (who is also a friend of ours)…. she needed cheering up, after her beloved cat had just passed away. So we sent him flying off to her, with Jeans message in a card and WANDA did the trick and made Jools happy. Jean emailed us and said:-

“Thank you so much for sending WANDA to Jools, she was over the moon with it. What a perfect way to send gifts.”

And here is the photo that Jools sent to Jean, together with her message.

If you would like WANDA
we now only have 1 left!!!

If you would like to cheer someone up/give them a “missing you” pressie, or send a present for a special occasion, we can include a personalised message - so just contact us with the details.
Nicola, from Chelmsford has a very happy son….
“Just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent service I received in purchasing a Charlie 2020 year bear from you for my son’s birthday. He opened it yesterday and he loves it! He said to thank you for letting me know when you had more stock as he didn’t think he was going to get one.
Beautifully packaged and delivered really quickly. This is the second time I have ordered from you and will definitely do so again.  We will also look forward to visiting you in person as soon as we can go on holiday again!”

This is the Charlie 2020 Plush Year Bear that Nicola purchased. This is a very collectable bear and she is IN STOCK NOW!

And finally, we finish with a lovely message from Kate, in Stoke-on-Trent.

“Hi all, I just wanted to say thank you for your daily emails, they have been the highlight of my day for the last few months. I’ve been off work for 2 months due to Covid-19 and having your emails to look forward to each day has been my little ray of light. I’m excited for my bears from Q3 to come and join my hug.
Keep up the good work.”
I am glad you are all enjoying these newsletters and I will do my best to send one each day, but there may be the odd occasion when this isn’t possible, due to the high amount of work we have. Thank you to everyone for sending in all of your lovely emails and photos - I would love to reply personally to them all, but I am just running out of time. However, I do read all of them and will try to include as many as I can in a newsletter at some point.

On that note, I will say bye for now……


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Corfe Bears Newsletter 28th May 2020


We start the newsletter today, with a very moving bear story from Henley, in Leicestershire:-

“You have been posting images and stories in your e-mails out and I was wondering if you could please use mine? You see I lost my Mum to cancer only a year ago and my bears are her spirit that hold me tight and surround me with love. My story so far is untold and only my Dad and I really have heard it. I would love for others to hear it and see the power of love a Charlie Bear has to offer. All the pictured bears are in one room, my bedroom. There’s about 160 of them and I have another 40/50 not shown too. I look at their little faces and I am instantly overwhelmed with joy. I hope my story can inspire many to buy a Charlie Bear or more. The ability to hold a soft bear in my hands and tell it my upsets takes them away and I can carry on with my day then.”

Monday 25th May was a very emotional day for Henley, as it was the 1st Anniversary of her Mum’s passing and I sent her a BIG VIRTUAL HUG and I’m sure you do too!! Henley is not alone in finding comfort in the magic of a bear, as I am sure a lot of you will know!!
Here are some photos of the bears in Henleys room - there are just a few……..

“Shenanigan’s hiding on my door with his new friends. You can just see his hat and top of his head. I have been a collector for nearly 4 years and every one of my 200 bears has its own unique story to go with it. Luckily they already have a name!”

Now, onto a lighter & happier note….

Our Corfe SHENANIGANS was very excited to hear that a package had arrived for him….. “What is it? What is it?” he cried excitedly.
Well….. guess what it was??………


(And little pocket)




AND…… SOME HOMEMADE COOKING UTENSILS whisk/spoon/tongs/rolling pin!


Watch this space!!

………. HENLEY!!!!! (As featured above)
Shenanigans thanks you very much and I also want to thank you too….. because Henley also handmade a lovely surprise present for me!

Here is Shenanigans giving it to me.

Isn’t it great!!


Here are some photos that Henley has sent during her creative process…. assisted by her Shenanigans, who was also the perfect model, to get the size right and she was also helped by her two dogs… MIPPET and LOTTIE!!

I’m told the Corfe Shenanigans is quite “BAAR…. MY”, so this will suit him.

(oh! Wrong hat!)
I need to make a chefs hat!!


…..  & HENLEY….
+ MIPPET & LOTTIE who had fun with the cardboard tube!!



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Corfe Bears Newsletter 27th May 2020


PHEW!! It has been very busy here and so we didn’t get chance to send you a newsletter yesterday….. I was very torn, as I know how you are all loving them, but there just weren’t enough hours in the day and so I made the hard decision that work had to come first!

The newsletter on Monday was called “SHOPPING CONFUSION” (with Cotton Candy & Soda Pop) and I seem to be going more and more mad by the minute, so I sometimes wonder if people will understand what I mean and get my weird sense of humour.

Well… you did seem to like and understand it, judging by the comments that I received, so that’s good!

Here are a few of them:-

Christine, from Preston says: “Your ‘Shopping Confusion’ is hilarious - well done, you are a very talented lady. And so are your bears!! I do so admire how you compile your daily newsletter bringing people with a love of bears together in these extraordinary times and I really hope your company continues to thrive and one day I can come and visit you in your lovely shop.”
Susan, from Flintshire says: “Another brilliant anecdote from you, it certainly keeps a smile on the faces of all those who are isolated, keep up the good work xx”
Nina, from Wiltshire says: “Loved your update, I can’t stop smiling. Thank you and look after each other.”
We would like to say “Happy belated Birthday” to Kirsteen, from Aberdeen, who’s birthday was yesterday. She said she loved ‘Shopping Confusion’ and thought that Shenanigans must have been helping them!! Then she went on to say… “I dread what to think what Shenanigans gets up to, once he has his apron, etc. There will be no stopping him. You’ll need to keep a close eye on him!”

If you have been following our newsletters for a while, you will know what she means, but if you haven’t, SHENANIGANS is our resident bear, who is a real cheeky chappie, who gets up to a lot of mischief. He did some baking recently and here is a reminder.

Well, he was really desperate for an apron and perhaps a chefs hat, so I asked if anyone would like to make one for him.

WELL… GUESS WHAT??… his wish came true and all will be revealed soon…

Another little package has arrived for him today, but it is at our Bearhouse, where Stace sends all of the bears out, so Shenanigans has got to wait to see this one later.

Do you recognise your writing? …. a special thanks will be on their way to you soon.

If you are already making an apron and/or hat or thinking of making one, please still do it, as all aprons will be worn in future baking sessions and will be featured in the newsletter!

Please send to:-
C/O Shenanigans
BH19 1AU

Talking of pandemonium, there really will be panda MONIUM now, as a very popular panda called MONIUM has been re-released in a smaller size, called ANNIVERSARY MONIUM and we also have ANNIVERSARY SHADES, which is a smaller version of SHADES, from 2010. These were made for Charlie Bear signing events, that were due to take place in 2020, but these have had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
They are both £65 and are 30cm in size.
IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: We only have a VERY SMALL AMOUNT of these, so please order online and it will be first come, first served. If you try and phone or email us, it could be too late, so online orders will be better for you. As soon as they sell out, we will move them to our retired section, as at this stage, we are not able to get more and are not putting people onto a reserve list. Therefore, we would politely ask that if you have missed out on them, please do not contact us to go on a reserve list or ask when we are getting more, etc. Thank you.
Claire, from Sheffield has just received her Anniversary Shades and says he has arrived safe and well, but isn’t happy at the moment and not impressed, as Claire has asked him to help with her study session on AAT Management.
His expression says it all, as he seems to be baffled and wonders how he is expected to work out “first in, first out” (FIFO) or other calculations, such as “how much contribution per unit?” Are you baffled as well??….. you’re probably not the only one!! Claire will have to take a break from her studies and join the bears in a play session, as I think Anniversary Shades will prefer that!!

And finally….. Jacquie, from Kent was waiting for her new Charlie Bear PILOT PETE to arrive. Here is an image from him, so you can now picture the scene, as she tells her story…..

“Dear All, l don’t know about shopping confusions! But we were a little confused at the arrival of Pilot Pete. He was expected, but not quite in the way he arrived. Enjoying a cuppa one afternoon we heard the sounds of a helicopter flying over and a few seconds later a beary “tally ho!” was heard and something flew past the window and landed on the lawn (just missing the magnolia tree). Charlie Bears Dick and Heather were taking an afternoon stroll and rushed over and found Pete laying on his back with his parachute over his face. It turned out that Pete, before he left either your depot or the post office, had heard that a couple of his mates in the air ambulance were flying over this way, so he pulled in a favour and got them to drop him off. After a brush down and a sticky bun to revive him he was fine and would like to apologise to Stace after making him so comfortable for his journey only to leave a broken open box behind with no word where he had gone! So thank you everyone and he has been telling all the other bears of his piloting exploits. Keep up the good work, l know all the bears love you and l am looking forward to receiving Dave when he arrives. Stay safe.”
Well, this certainly was a delivery with a difference!! I am glad by bears (and my imagination) are not alone in doing crazy things… so all of you mad bear lovers out there… get your thinking cap on and plan some crazy adventures with your bears!!


Click HERE to buy!! Hopefully he will arrive at your home in a more dignified manner!!


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Corfe Bears Newsletter 25th May 2020


I am shielding and can’t go out, so I asked the bears to help me with some shopping…..

I fancied a bit of a treat, after working such long hours, so I asked COTTON CANDY to get me some

Also known as candy floss.
….. it didn’t go too well…..

This is what I got….

Oh dear!!!! Bless him….. good try and the thought was there!

I was feeling thirsty, after speaking to lots of my lovely customers all day (and you know how I like to natter!), so I asked SODA POP to get me some…..
SODA POP! (A fizzy drink)
This is what I got…..
Good job I like water….. there’s plenty in the tap!!!

I was going to work through the night, to catch up with all of my work, so wanted a snack to keep me going… so I asked COTTON CANDY and SODA POP to make me some….

If you haven’t heard of this, it is a processed cheese sauce or spread - usually found in America.

This is what they made….

Look in the bowl carefully….

I’m sure the Charlie Bear CHEESE WHIZZwould have known what I wanted. I guess I will have to wait until quarter 3, when she is due to arrive and I’m sure she won’t get in a whizz and tizz with the shopping!

Click on the name to pre-order!

So if you want to treat yourself to some COTTON CANDY and
SODA POP you can click on their name, as they are in stock now and this will “POP” them into your shopping trolley!

Stace is an expert personal shopping packer and so they will arrive in perfect condition!
We have already included some Cotton Candy reviews in previous newsletters, so here are a couple of happy customers, who have just received SODA POP.

Sue, from Romsey says:-
“I just wanted to drop you a few lines to thank you so much for the service that I have received. ‘Soda Pop’  was delivered by the ‘Royal Mail’ on Thursday. I was so impressed with the attention to detail to make sure that my beautiful bear arrived safely. He is absolutely gorgeous. Going back a few years now, in fact on 08/03/14 (my birthday) I remember my husband and I taking a day trip to Swanage and we actually visited your shop. Even better he bought me my first bear called ‘Blackberry’ as a birthday present. I have recently retired and part of my present was another bear called ‘Alyssa’. Since then the bear collection has started to grow and it is quite by chance that I stumbled across your website. So pleased that I did, now that I have found you I will not be purchasing from anywhere else. I already have another 4 bears on pre-order.”

Yvonne, from Nottinghamshire:-
“Thank you, I received Soda Pop today, beautiful”


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